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Self-discipline is what we aspire to and what we lack. To learn a skill, you need to devote more time to that activity.

Every day you will have to do the same work again and again to improve yourself even better, otherwise you will not succeed. Of course, another important help can be the advice of others, but by adhering to them, you must remain a student and not become a blind follower. There are some tips that will help you become more disciplined and integrate this quality into your life.

1. Change your approach to discipline

For most people, discipline is kind of synonymous with penal servitude, because it’s not easy to force yourself to do something you really don’t want to do. If today you feel this way about this integral quality of a real man, then it’s time to change the situation for the better.

Understand that being disciplined is much easier than it seems, but living without self-discipline is much more difficult.

People who are limited in discipline are doomed to fail, because you can’t be half-responsible or half-diligent. This question of extremes will always make you decide which side to choose. You can take control today and lead a healthy lifestyle as you wish.

Otherwise, in a few years, you will have no choice, because your health may deteriorate. Then you will come to the decision to eat right, only a violation of the diet will threaten much greater consequences than extra centimeters on the abdomen.

2. Discipline and Finance

You count the last money until your salary, and after receiving it, you relax and do a lot of shopping without thinking about the consequences. And are you able to set aside a certain amount? You may not need this money today or tomorrow, but one day the boiler may break, it will be necessary to buy medicine, or trivially to carry out a planned oil change in the car. And eventually you find that you have to take money out of your salary, which isn’t enough to live on anyway.

It’s time to become more disciplined in the financial sphere as well. First of all, start monitoring your expenses, think about each purchase and analyze whether you need a certain product. Second, record all expenses. Yes, it’s a boring thing, but what can be done. But you can consider every penny and more carefully redistribute the financial flow to the desired goals. Not a year will pass, as you will learn to set aside the necessary amount and form accumulations.

3. Instant gratification is the enemy of discipline

You lack discipline, and you neglect sports, normal food, you don’t take into account all areas of life. In the end, you are left alone, without a normal relationship, you will blame the gods, society and all the troubles and problems that have come upon you, not realizing that you are your main enemy.

When you can’t control your impulses, whether it’s a desire to get instant gratification by eating a greasy pizza, missing a workout because of laziness, sleeping with another girl, and not caring about the one who loves; when you, without controlling yourself, give in to base instincts, you become on the same level as animals, whose actions are determined by instincts. Self-discipline can take you to a new level in every area of ​​life, it’s just worth the effort.

4. Use critical thinking

Let’s say you managed to get your body back to normal, but you can’t cut your expenses. What to do in such a situation? Postpone the consequences of lack of discipline for years to come.

You’ve never been able to save enough money to even make a down payment on a home. You have to pay a considerable amount every month to rent an apartment, although you could spend this money on yourself. In addition, you haven’t learned how to manage your finances and the debts are increasing from month to month. In the end, you are already a pensioner, who has no money for the soul, and life has passed.

Terrible prospects, isn’t it? Take control of your life, especially those areas that require special attention.

  1. Now imagine the reverse image

What if you became disciplined but not today (hopefully after reading the article, you will take care of this) but, say, about 5 years ago? You didn’t forget about sports — imagine what kind of body you have today, you studied diligently — think about the knowledge gained. The list can go on and on.

But think about this: today is not too late to take control. A few years from now, looking in the mirror, you’ll say the following: I’m sorry I didn’t invest in bitcoin in 2011, but how good that in 2022 I read an article about self-discipline on Medium. Today, I am successful in a fancy house with cubes on my stomach, a beautiful lady by my side and a bottle of excellent whiskey in the bar.

6. There is no discipline — there is no result.

A desire is not enough, so you have to make an effort to control yourself. You need to develop certain habits that will help you in life. A habit is produced by daily repetitions of the same, perhaps not very favorite, actions. But a disciplined warrior can do any task.

7. Be prepared to pay the price for violations

Have you eaten four huge slices of pizza? In the evening, the reward will be waiting for you in the gym, and if you don’t mind running a few kilometers, then the reflection in the mirror will become a payment.

As usual, you decided to watch another episode and didn’t go to bed at the right time? Prepare to be a sleepy fly all day and you can hardly be productive enough.

By your cheating, you will only hurt one person and that person is you. Don’t try to get instant, worthless gratification today, because tomorrow it can affect every branch of your life.

Control and discipline have always been strong traits of champions and successful people.